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    If you feel overwhelmed by mountains of debt, you need to know that you are not alone. Our reliable debt settlement attorney in Sugar Land, Texas, is here to help. You may have been informed that one potential option for decreasing your debt is through debt consolidation and settlement. This can be a practical relief option for some people attempting to pay back expensive loans by working directly with their creditors to decrease their monthly payments. In some instances, a creditor may be ready to limit the amount of debt owed, technically allowing a smaller lump sum of payment. They may readily agree to negotiate an adjusted plan for installment payments. This is beneficial to them as compared to when you file for bankruptcy.

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    Debt settlement, also referred to as “debt consolidation,” involves interacting directly with your creditors to whom you owe money. This could be debt from foreclosures, liens, or credit card debt. Either by reducing the loan amount or accepting a more appropriate payment installment, Jesse Aguinaga Attorney at Law, will help you work hand in hand with your creditors through debt settlements to decrease the amount owed.

    The best option for debt settlement is to get complete protection from all your creditors. You will be able to do this by applying for a full Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which will allow you to consolidate all your debt into single payments each month. Our experienced and professional debt settlement attorney in Sugar Land, Texas, can help you decide the best option for your needs.

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    The firm is professional and knowledgeable in the laws on bankruptcy. They assisted me in my filing and guided me through the process that best fit my needs. I would recommend him for any bankruptcy need you may have.

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    Words cannot express the gratitude that fills my heart. Thanks to the Aguinaga Law Firm, things have took a turn for the better. I am now out of Bankruptcy and my credit score is accelerating upwards. I purchased a car also during the Bankruptcy, which I am happy to say that through the guidance of Mr. Jesse, and the credit counseling course that I took during the bankruptcy; I was able to pay off my vehicle 2 years ahead of schedule. My confidence has improved tremendously through these proceedings; Thanks again to You and Your staff for your Professionalism, your quick response and your genuine, sincere interest in my case and making sure that I succeed, Blessings to you all.

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    Fantastic Leadership and professional guidance! Attorney Aguinaga was very helpful in a complex legal challenge with very significant economic difficulties. He helped us to save our home. With God’s grace always in the forefront, Attorney Aguinaga navigated us quickly, with rapid response and expert legal counsel. He brought light to a situation that was very confusing and dark. He simplified confusing situations and guided us with easy to follow steps to our best options.


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